Monday, October 3, 2011

To Give or Not To Give

As you know our ministry, Morning Light Home, is having a fundraiser. I know, you are probably think "yeah, yeah, are always asking for money." Well, I feel like that too! On this end of things, I will be quite honest and let you know that I abosultely hate asking for money or donations, is like begging I feel. But at the same time, I feel that the Christian family needs to be made aware of the needs of the ministry here and pray about how God can use them in the ministry.

It is very hard finding funds. We started this ministry at our house 2 years ago. Then we "partnered" with a Christian organization that was "so excited" about the helping the women here in Taiwan. The organization had an inhouse agency that did adoptions. Crisis pregnancy center, adoptions, they went hand in hand, no problem. But towards the end of last year, we were beginning to not have peace anymore under the agency as they were giving pressure in areas that we felt were not necessary. After much prayer, counsel and thought, we chose to step out on faith and leave them. Especially after we asked "I thought we were partners" and that was taken off the website, and we were told "we are your boss." We do appreciate the time that we were under them and we learned alot. We humbly backed down and decided to let God be our boss and help us fight our Goliath's.


Taiwan is not a third world country. You can not make it on $30US a month here. That would pay for a month of national insurance, but leave you with $5US for the rest of the month. To rent a small room is $60US, one gallon of milk is $7US+ (ask me how I know!). Taiwan on the outside looks like a developed country, but on the inside it is not. It is a country covered by the dark cloud of Satan's lies and sin. It is a country where abortion is birht control. It is a country where 40%of adult married women have had an abortion and 50% of unwed adult women have had one. It is a country where the live birth rate is 166,00 in 2010, yet the yearly abortion rate is 300,000-500,00. A country where last year 3,000 babies were aborted just becaue they were girls.

Taiwan has a population of 23+million, yet there are only 3 crisis pregnancy centers. Praise God we are all Christian centers. There are family counseling centers that counsel moms to abort. So you can see how important our work is? it is a spiritual warfare to say the least. In our ministry,the only home on the east coast of Taiwan, we have ministered to over 100 mommas in these 2 years. That means over 100 babies saved from the awful pain of an abortion, and 100 mommas saved from the spiritual issues involving an abortion. We have heard many times over, "I am so glad you all are doing this, where else would I go?". Families ignore them or cast them out of the house, friends slowly go away, boyfriends abandon them, they can't get a job, no place to live. That is why we are here, ministering those that no one wants to minister, yet at a crucial time in their lives.

You can probably see from the above the urgency in getting our funding to keep this ministry going. Even if you just donate $5US, that is helpful. The blog has items you can donate and get a chance to win. Or you can be a Morning Light Angel and support us for as much as you can. You can send it through paypal ( or you can get our mission agency address on the blog.


While not every Christian is called into the mission field or this type of ministry, Christians are called to help. Please pray about what part God would have you do in protecting the lives of the unborn.

Til the Trumpet Sounds,

Deana, Alexia, Wuli
Morning Light Staff

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Lenora said...

What an amazing work you are doing! The need is so great, and the laborers are few. You are so right when you say that we are not all called to foreign missions but we are all called to help in some way. If only we could all get this as Christians. You and your family are going to have so many crowns awaiting you in heaven! So thankful for the encouragement that came just at the right time for you in the post above. Keep the faith! You are saving lives...Mamas and babies :)